Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Links

Thanks to Liana Brooks for finding this. Imagine what would happen if Buffy met Edward Cullen of Twilight. LOL

(Thanks to Liana for helping me with my technical difficulties!)

On Lynn Viehl's blog, I found the verse search engine. You can type in keywords, and the search engine finds a poem on the subject. How cool is that?? I'm also borrowing her link to where you can find a quotation on almost any subject. I can envision using these tools in both my writing and my teaching.

Twitter is a great place for finding interesting people and interesting blogs. I came across this blog on the value of a classical education via a Twitter friend. I read Plato and Aristotle with my Pre-AP class, and this article reinforces the value of tackling that difficult material.

So, a little humor and a little food for the intellect on a muggy Monday. Enjoy.


  1. Go to Edit and Edit HTML. Then play with the width and height to get the movie to fit.

    width=400 and height= 350 is what I used.


  2. You ROCK Liana! That fixed it.