Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Don't You Blog About it?

One of the most difficult things to capture with the written word is tone. How many times have you written an email or a facebook/twitter status update only to have it completely misconstrued by your intended audience?

How did you read the title of today's blog post? Did you perceive it as an honest question, a helpful suggestion? If you did, you would be wrong. Allow me to provide context.

Once again, my principal, in his infinite wisdom, has pitted the faculty and staff of our school against one another in a year-long team competition. I did, in fact, blog about this during the last school year. You can read those entries here and here. I am self-aware enough to know I'm a very competitive person. I'm a sore loser...I've admitted it before and I'll say it again. HOWEVER...I never let my competitiveness devolve into personal attacks. the most recent competitions, my colleagues have thrown the title question of this post in my face. The first time, I was merely clarifying the rules of the karaoke contest before we began. A lone derisive voice from across the room says, "Why don't you just blog about it?" Uproarious laughter. So Will, here ya go. I'm blogging about it.

Today, we had a homeroom fight song contest. Two members of one of the teams proceeded to announce the winners, putting themselves in first place. I piped up, "Hey! That's a conflict of interest!" Their response? "Why don't you blog about it Owens?" So Robin...Kathy ya go. I'm blogging.

Now, I realize they were teasing me because I've blogged about these team things before, but come on guys. The only person I've given a hard time to was myself. Okay...and Linda, but at the time she was on my team, and we have a relationship where I can do that.

My blog has elicited varying responses from my friends and colleagues. Most are entertained and mention something they liked or had a thought about. A few are mystified as to why I'm doing it. They don't see the point.

I blog because I am a writer, and I want to be read. Until I get that book contract, this is my forum. So beware of asking me "Why don't you just blog about it?" in that oh-so-snide voice. Because I probably will.


  1. SaltShaker says: Why yes, in their cowardice, they say "blog about it". Because they probably can't write, clearly can't blog, and most likely can't think. Because their response is a trite, snide, easy response rather than addressing the issue you raised. And in the laughter of their shared joke, they can take comfort in their pack mentality, their majority rules, and their small-minded mutual reinforcement that you dare not challenge their hegemony.

  2. Oh SaltShaker, I so enjoy your comments. This is one of those situations where I wish I could hear your tone better. I'm not sure if this was true righteous indignation on my behalf or mock righteous indignation. Either way, I love it. I LOVE your last sentence. The word choice, the rhythm, heck...the tone is just perfect.

  3. SaltShaker here: It was true righteous indignation. These kind of people drive me crazy.

  4. I am so glad you "go blog about it..." even if I am on the offending team. No doubt, I have shared with you countless times just how much I LOVE to read your blog...heck I read to Paul regularly. You have the talent to take what others are thinking and craft the thoughts into well written, intelligent, and thought provoking thoughts of your own. I applaud you.

  5. Thanks Amanda...and your team only offends me because it's ahead of mine. :)