Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer's End

I woke this morning feeling melancholy.

Maybe because the college football season is starting without me this year. The Tigers open in Florida today, and I stayed home to watch my youngest play last night in his high school game.

Maybe because my youngest lost last night.

Maybe because I let my youngest go to an after-game party, I got up at 3:45am to go get him, and I'm really freakin' tired.

Then, I turned my iPod on shuffle while I was messing around the house this morning. The Foo Fighters (who I love) began to sing about summer's end, and I realized that was it.

I'm mourning the end of summer.

"But, Kathy?" You say. "School started four weeks ago. Your summer ended then."

Not really. School or no school, August is still summer, especially when the temps are hitting the 90 degree mark every day. I was working, but it still felt like summer. Plus, I started back to work the week after RWA. I was still on a high from my Orlando adventure.

Labor Day weekend and the opening of the college football season mark the end of summer for me. Warm summer nights spent with friends are swept away by autumn's cool breezes, and I can't help thinking that cold winter winds aren't that far behind.

Change is inevitable, and every ending marks a new beginning. I am tired of the suffocating heat, and you can't truly appreciate summer's carefree days without living through the responsibilities of winter.

I wish you a happy Labor Day. It's beautiful here, so I'm going to leave you with the Foo Fighters while I go out to enjoy the last weekend of summer.

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