Saturday, March 26, 2011


I won't tell you what year (or even what decade) my fascination with Steven Tyler first blossomed. Let's just say the roots run deep. I heard him screaming those climactic last bars of "Dream On", and something inside me shifted and whispered, "yes...."

His first appearance on Idol this year reacquainted me with my inner 14 year old girl. I screamed a lot, eliciting much head shaking and muttering from my husband, and texted my bff, Pam, thru the whole show. She gets it.

His big ten inch...record incites sweet emotion. Some folks say the dude looks like a lady but I'd walk his way anytime. It's a monkey on my back. I'd ask what it takes to let it go, but I don't want to miss a thing. So the train keeps a rollin' and I'm still crazy, crazy, crazy for ya baby.

And speaking of crazy...guess what I discovered today??? A Steven Tyler app for my iPhone!!! I kid you not. It's called "Appsolewdly." (Of course it is. What else would it possibly be called. It's Steven freakin' Tyler.) It costs $2.99 at the app store, and yes, I ponied up the cash.

What did I get for my 3 bucks?

  • A trivia game...meh.
  • Some pics...nice.
  • Steven's home video which is updated we're talking!
  • And the absolute best feature??? SOUND EFFECTS!!

OMG...I can press a button and get "Yakakakau!" Or a cackle. Or "Oh yeah." If I want more than a scream, though I can't imagine why I would, I can push a button to hear advice from Steven.

I've waited all my life for pearls of wisdom like, "Who knows where the nose goes when the do's closed" and "You know I'd rather be sittin' all by myself on a pumpkin than be crowded on a velvet pillow."

Tru dat, Steven. Tru dat.

I decided to end this post with a video of Dream On, the song that started it all for me. YouTube has a veritable buffet of Dream On video. I waffled between a version performed at Fenway Park where Steven begins on a white baby grand way up over the scoreboard and the version I posted. The video below features a performance in Rio in which Steven and Joe Perry are shirtless. A no-brainer in the end.

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