Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hope for the Future...or What Kids Can Do

I was inspired by Colleen Lindsay's blog in which she posted a book review by a 14 year old reader. As a teacher of this age student, I could see his age in his review, but I was impressed by his willingness to read widely and put himself out there for criticism by posting his review on a high-traffic blog. I think Max and students like him should give us all hope for the future.

I collaborate with a social studies teacher on a global issues unit. Students research a global issue, then create a documentary. Our school's technology resources are limited, but the students' creativity and concern for their topics are not. I've posted two documentaries below. One explains the crisis in Darfur better than many major news outlets. The second explains problems created by the global scarcity of clean water.

Both of these documentaries were written and produced entirely by high school freshmen.


  1. I love that you and the SS teacher(s) collaborate on a unit like this. I wish we could do more of that! That's what it's all about... making connections, and creating something meaningful, like these videos.

    Thank you for sharing. Tell your kids they did an awesome job. And to keep it up!

  2. You have some amaxing students. :o)

  3. *amazing... see me not spell check!