Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Have you ever found inspiration in an unlikely place? Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent who represents Christian fiction writes about finding moral truth in an episode of Desperate Housewives. The tone of her piece is almost apologetic, as if she needs to justify watching the show. I don't find it at all strange. I think inspiration is all around us.

My favorite TV shows are talent-based reality shows. Yes, I am an American Idol geek. Right now, I'm into So You Think You Can Dance. Top Chef, Project Runway, The Next Food Network Star...I'm there for all of them. I love to watch people brave enough to live their dream. They take their talent, the thing that brings them joy, and they put it out there for everyone to judge. That takes incredible courage. Sure, some of them are delusional, but even the delusional ones are living. Some folks walk through life every day thinking about their dreams, but never taking a chance. I am inspired by these shows, and I refuse to be apologetic about it.

The trailer for the movie, Julia and Julie looks like something I would enjoy. I like the idea of the girl being inspired by Julia Childs to write her blog. Nothing blows up, so I'll probably have to wait for the DVD to see it, but I'm looking forward to it.

I'm routinely inspired by books. Laurell K. Hamilton made me want to write. I love her books, and her blog posts on her writing process fascinate me. JR Ward, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, and Rachel Vincent inspire me. Their characters and worlds are rich, and I love disappearing into them. Steve Berry and James Rollins inspire me. I learn so much when I read their books. I'm planning a "what I read this summer" post, and Rollins' book was one of my favorites.

Silas House inspires me. His characters' voices are so strong, they leap right off the page. My friend, Lisa, pointed me to Silas' blog. He has a two-part essay there called "A Different Kind of Christian." His writing is powerful, and what he says is great food for thought.

My family inspires me. My dad is a retired business owner. He works with an organization called SCORE to help people start their own businesses. He works primarily with women. So far he has helped 5 women start their own businesses. He told me there are a lot of women out there with talent who aren't being paid what they're worth. He gives them the tools to remedy that. I'm proud of him.

My husband inspires me with his dedication to his players that goes way beyond the field. My kids inspire me with their questions about books, and friends, and girls, and life. They remind me what it was like to be young when everything seemed so much more urgent.

Inspiration is everywhere. You simply have to be open enough to see it.


  1. I often find the inspiration of my blog posts from my everyday life. It is crazy that as soon as I started writing regularly I realized that inspiration is everywhere, I just have to slow down long enough to find it.

  2. I agree. When you write regularly, everything becomes fodder for your imagination.