Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ode to Friendship

I've neglected the poor blog as of late. May is always overwhelming, and having a senior approaching graduation (Hallelujah!) has made it more so. Snowmageddon has us in school until June 9th, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When life gets crazy, good friends are essential. I wish for every person out there a friend like Linda....someone who says something completely outrageous at least once a day. Today, I made fun of her as she struggled to climb into my SUV. Her response...yelled across the parking lot...

"Getting into your @#$! car is like climbing Mt. Everest. I need a @#$! Shirpa to get in this @#$! thing!"

Then I was laughing so hard I couldn't get into the car.

Every Tuesday night we watch Glee and text through the whole show like a couple of teenagers. I've included a few excerpts below, exactly as they appear on our phones.

Linda: Victor just called im going to have to rewind from the beginning. Hang on while I play catch up

Me: Doesn't he know better?

Show opens in an 80s flashback. Picture Neil Patrick Harris with braces and a mullet.

Linda: Love the braces

Me: And the hair

Linda: It's been 45 days since I sang a showtune

At this point, I'm watching live, about 5 minutes ahead of Linda watching on DVR. Neil breaks into an over the top version of Billy Joel's Piano Man.

Me: Oh shit! You have to catch up!

Linda: Shit! (Don't you love a friend who cusses out of solidarity without really knowing why?)

A couple of minutes later...

Linda: Im on piano man love neil

Me: That's when I said oh shit (The cussing mystery is now solved. Whew!)

Linda: ok im about 2 min behind now

Mr. Shu and Neil break into a dueling rendition of of Dream On.

Me: AEROSMITH!!!! (Neil Patrick Harris singing an Aerosmith song...good times.)

Linda: Ok hang on maybe next commercial we'll meet. They are at auditions.

Linda: Ok dream on begins

Me: I love that song.

Linda: Yeah...Ok caught up. Btw...victor is coming to ky for the festival...so is my f...OMG he's walking..i was wondering when he was going to ditch the chair (Yep...she literally stopped mid-text when Artie stood up.)

Me: He's dancing! I'm gonna have to come to the festival.

Linda: Wait...this has to be a dream sequence

Me: Ya think?

Linda: Ok I'm slow to suspend my disbelief

Me: I like that about you.

We continued texting until the end of the show. Linda threw election results (It's primary day in Kentucky) and commentary in with her comments about the show. Again, hilarious, but while I'm willing to put Linda's opinions on Glee issues out there, her political views are her own.

At the end of the show...

Linda: a texting marathon...im exhausted...my phone blitzed out on me after i tried to send you a lengthy message. Im a spent heap

Me: Spent means it was good though, right?

Linda: Was it good for you too??

Me: It always is.

I'll say it again. Everyone needs a Linda in their life.

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