Monday, February 16, 2009

Crimson Crimes

I spent a good bit of Valentine's Day cleaning my house in preparation for the Tanaras stopping by before we headed to Louisville for dinner and shopping. I suppose it would be easier to keep the place company-ready all the time, but I live in the real world with two teenage boys and a 100 pound dog. So Saturday was the deep clean.

The Louisville exursion was fun. Jim and Charlotte took us to a restaurant called J. Alexander's. It's apparently a very popular place. There was a two hour wait when we arrived at 5:15. Bruce worked his magic with the host, and we were seated within 5 minutes of arrival. Suffice it to say, my husband has the gift of gab. He could sell the proverbial ice to eskimos. Dinner was great, and when Charlotte and I left the men and went shopping, I found a pair of Cole Haan shoes on sale for 70% off. Does it get better than that?

Sunday is the day I tackle the weekly grocery shopping, and I had promised my son we would go to Lexington and get new shoes for track, so that took up a good portion of the day. We won't even talk about Mount Laundrymore that never seems to diminish. I accomplished a lot, but I was beginning to despair of getting any writing done this weekend.

I finally sat down with my laptop after dinner. I thought maybe I would get through the transition between scenes that's been plaguing me. I'm happy to report I drafted not only the transition, but the next major scene as well. And even better than that, while in the midst of my writing frenzy (and it really was a frenzy), I discovered the title for the book.

So without further adieu...the follow-up to Dark Dreams: Sapphire Sins will be Dark Dreams: Crimson Crimes. All in all, a good finish to a good Valentine's weekend.

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