Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Haiku Query

Colleen Lindsay is a literary agent I've queried. Her blog has tons of cool links to other informative blogs and webpages. She is currently holding a contest in which authors write a query in the form of a haiku. The winner gets a critique of their query letter. That's not chopped liver when the fate of your novel rests on the strength of your query letter. It's hard to pitch a 110,000 word novel in 17 syllables, but the following is my submission.

Staid Kentucky girl
Two vampires, three friends, one Dick
Bring laughter, love, death

The exercise was fun. Try reducing your favorite book or movie into 17 syllables!

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  1. Kathy:
    I love your blog. This profile picture belongs on the jacket of a fat novel--in print soon! Best of luck to you.