Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long Shots

If you watched the Derby yesterday, you saw that amazing finish by Mine that Bird, a 53-1 long shot. He was in last place 3/4 0f a mile in. He was in 12th place a mile into the race. He won by more than 6 lengths. Simply incredible. ESPN reporter, Bill Finley called it "the most inconceivable result in the 135-year history of the race. An impossibility." In a field of million dollar thoroughbreds, Mine that Bird was originally sold at auction for $9,500. He won a purse yesterday that exceeds $1 million.

Mine that Bird was too small, boasted less than impressive parentage, and had never won a race prior to the Derby. Yesterday was his trainer's debut appearance in the big race. In the sport of kings, he beat the kings...literally. (A couple of horses in the race were owned by Dubai royalty.) Mine that Bird threaded the gaps in the final stretch because he was small. No pre-race hype meant no distractions. All the factors that could have been considered deficits worked in favor of horse and trainer.

For anyone with a dream, Mine that Bird's improbable win should provide ample inspiration. Keep plugging away. Figure out how to make what you have work for you. Ignore the naysayers. Don't allow rejections, losses, or other bumps in the road to deter you.

Sometimes the long shot wins.

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  1. Here here! So hard to remember when we are struggling through the course though isn't it? Thanks for drawing a great parallel!